What is the Kirameki Library?

Kirameki Library is a niche wiki made for regulars of the Action Button fan community who regularly discuss the class japanese romance game Tokimeki Memorial and other similar games. This is a place to collect their recommendations, findings, and thoughts about it and similar games; a more permanent store of subcultural knowledge than a Discord channel.

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What the Kirameki Library is not

The Kirameki library is not Wikipedia. Opinions are fine here as long as it's clear who's opinion it is. Original research is not only allowed but encouraged. There is no need to write like an encyclopedia, so feel free to have fun with a personal voice as long as it's clear who's voice it is.

What sort of games belong here?

This is a challenging topic that'll likely be refined over time. But a good starting point is "Things likely of interest to people interested in Tokimeki Memorial". As such, a game should ideally tick several of these key points:

  • Romance themes
    • Secondary: Non-romantic social themes
  • Japanese
  • Retro
  • Dating mechanics
    • Secondary: Non-romantic non-combat mechanics, ideally with social or raising themes (E.g. Princess Maker).

But a game does not need to tick all of them. Additional aspects of consideration are:

  • The game is extremely obscure in the west, with relatively little information available in English.
  • Information about the game has no clear alternative community to share it with.

These qualities mean that maybe a game that isn't extremely like Tokimemo might be reasonable to consider, simply because documenting these things is considered a social good, and such information needs a home. A good counter-example is that popular Visual Novels such as Fate Stay Night or Muv Luv have abundant discussion available online in English, and there already exists large Visual-Novel-centric communities to discuss/document them. This isn't to say they can never be referenced, but rather that more in-depth discussion of them likely has a better home somewhere else.