Little Lovers is a series of Raising Sims developed by Nikkei Visual Images[1]. Directed by by Jiro Ishii, who most notably worked on 428 Shibuya Scramble (Mobygames and VNDB credit him as the director, Wikipedia contradicts itself calling him the director on one page and the exec producer on another).

Little Lovers cover

The series contains:

  • Little Lovers (Win95)
  • 3 Little Lovers character expansion CDs (Win95)
  • Little Lovers 2nd (Win95)
  • Little Lovers: SHE SO GAME (PSX)



Little Lovers and Little Lovers 2nd

In these games the player takes on the role of an older brother or father, raising/mentoring a daughter/younger sister. The game tracks their personality, mood, stats and your actions influence the exact nature of the sister by the end of the game.

The game is notably different from the genre-definer Princess Maker in its synchronized-time nature; days progress in-game as they do in real life. You must play the game at appropriate times of day and day of the week to see certain events and to interact with the girl. The first game features 3 girls, each with 3 months of content. Additionally the game has a expansion CD for each character that provides a full year of content. Little Lovers 2nd features only one girl for a full year.

Little Lovers SHE SO GAME

Little Lovers SHE SO GAME appears to be a virtual board-game spin-off where up to four players (including optional CPU opponents) compete for the heart of a single girl (chosen from a possible cast of six girls). It takes place over 3 years.

A bunch more info on the gameplay can be found at

Archival status

The PSX game is online and there are a reasonable number of videos of it around, but the Windows games are extremely obscure. No mobygames page, no VNDB page, no English wikipedia pages. No screenshots or videos of the first game have been found, but the images of the back of the box in the images section give an idea of what the CGs looked like. A short japanese text log of[2] playing 2nd Edition and some accompanying clips exists, and it's manual is available on the Internet Archive[3]. The windows games don't seem to have been uploaded anywhere, but a few copies can be found on japanese auction sites (check buyee, try using the kana version of the name: "リトルラバーズ")

A theory about the name "SHE SO GAME"

Bunker™ resident kei pointed out that the kana for "SHE SO GAME" is the same as "seesaw game" which jisho defines as "back-and-forth match", which matches the competitive nature of that game. So there's a possibility the use of the english text "SHE SO GAME" is completely an accident, and that it should be "Seesaw Game".

Content Warning

As can be seen from the text log screenshots. Little Lovers 2nd engages in some usage of fan-service, possibly (and probably) as a result of player choices, and it's quite likely the first game does too. But the general suspicion is that you cannot romance the girls and it is not R18.

Adding this warning because I find the groomer-tier crap in many Raising Sims extremely gross, and I want people to know what's in it if they get it. --DistractedMOSFET


Little Lovers back-of-box taken from an action site. (Click for a closer view.)

Little Lovers back-of-box 2

Expansion CD 1 cover

Expansion CD 2 cover

Expansion CD 3 cover

Little Lovers 2nd Cover

Some Little Lovers 2nd screenshots from the text log

Little Lovers 2nd uses some 3d graphics, unsure if the other games do too. Taken from the text log

Little Lovers SHE SO GAME cover

Boardgame-y view in SHE SO GAME (Source: psxdatacenter)

VN view in SHE SO GAME (Source: psxdatacenter)

Minigame in SHE SO GAME (Source: psxdatacenter)



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